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Evolución del vulcanismo y actividad hidrotermal en el yacimiento epitermal Palla Palla, sur del Perú
Palla Palla is a volcanic system that host an epithermal deposit of high sulfuration Inca & Cayo (2000), is located in southern Peru (Ayacucho). Through geological mapping, geochemistry, petrography and geochronology, it was possible to analyze the temporal and spatial evolution of volcanism, as well as the hydrothermal alteration of this deposit. From the volcanic stratigraphy, map of hydrothermal alterations and data collected from radiometric dates; Magmatism and hydrothermal activity were interpreted sequentially, with the entire system developing from the Upper Pliocene to the Lower Pleistocene. The magmatic evolution gave rise to rocks whose composition varies from basaltic andesites to andesites.Volcanism developed from 2.6 to 1.5 Ma (Vidal et al., 1989, Ly 1993), was Plinian and Vulcan type, which began in the upper Pliocene with an explosive stage; followed by two effusive stages, during which lava flows of andesitic composition were deposited; ending with a fourth stage at the beginning of the Pleistocene, during which basalt andesitic lava flows were deposited. After the eruptive phase, it gave rise to the first pulse of hydrothermal activity followed by a mineralizing pulse during the Lower Pleistocene. According to the geochemical analyzes, it does not present anomalies of Au and Ag on the surface. In addition, studies carried out by mining companies found results that were not very encouraging. Because the volcanic system is short lived around 2 Ma, this according to analysis of geochronological ages. On the other hand, the magmas are mafic and have microliths in a percentage of volume between 70 and 40%, which represent rapid nucleation and the rapid growth of the crystals during degacification and eruption, that is why in the geochemistry of total rock no signatures of concentrations of volatile elements are recorded.
Instituto Geológico, Minero y Metalúrgico - INGEMMET
4 páginas. | Trabajo presentado en el XIX Congreso Peruano de Geología "Geología: Ciencia para el desarrollo sostenible", realizado del 23 al 26 de setiembre de 2018, en Lima-Perú.

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